Philotimo Life

Death 101: What is Thanatology? (#002)

March 28, 2021

Welcome thanatology. Or, as we like to call it – Death 101. 

In this episode, Maria teaches you (and Ammo) what exactly this scientific study of death is and why education in this area is so very important.

There are also some key goals in education in the thanatology space, which they both explore. These goals are based on thanatology to live a better, happier life… a Philotimo Life! From helping in personal enrichment, future planning, and participating in society, all the way to vocational training and dealing with loss – you’ll see why they’re both so hot on death literacy.

Happy listening!

Show notes:


Philotimo Life is produced and recorded by Maria Vassiliou and Ammo Somal and in Toronto, Ontario. Audio by Stacie Hunter.Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

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