Philotimo Life

Planning For The End, ft. Mallory McGrath (#009)

October 19, 2021

There’s an irony in kicking off season two with an episode about end-of-life planning. It’s lost on your hosts as we bring in an industry expert on the subject!

Mallory McGrath is the Founder & CEO of Viive Planning, and also champions the importance of discussing death with children… a challenge all parents face, and very few are prepared to handle.

After learning Mallory’s story about how she entered the field, we’ll learn some valuable truths about what to expect when prepping for the final journey. These truths then come in handy for a famous inheritance dispute pop quiz!

Join us as we address the state of… well, estates. 



Philotimo Life is produced and recorded by Maria Vassiliou and Ammo Somal in Toronto, Ontario. Audio by Stacie Hunter.

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