Philotimo Life

The Models & Process of Grief (#006)

March 28, 2021

Pop quiz: how many stages of grief are there?

...WRONG! The question should be, which grief model applies to you and in which way? In this episode, Maria and Ammo go through entirely different models of grieving. That’s right – there’s more than just the five stages model that we’re all so familiar with… but they also touch on why you’re remembering that one incorrectly, too!

Focusing on the story of a man called Edgar, they apply the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross ‘Five Stages Model’ and other ones such as the ‘Attachment Model,’ the ‘Phase Model,’ and more.

Happy listening!

Show notes:


Philotimo Life is produced and recorded by Maria Vassiliou and Ammo Somal and in Toronto, Ontario. Audio by Stacie Hunter.Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

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